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Closes 12 Mar 2024

Opened 19 Dec 2023


The consultation is seeking views on the content of the guidance and whether it will help to support schools and colleges, teachers and leaders to make considered and lawful decisions in relation to children who are questioning their gender and the wider school and college community.

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Guidance for Schools and Colleges: Gender Questioning Children


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Open call for evidence


We are inviting insights to strengthen evidence base and inform the final recommendations of the Independent Pornography Review.Summary

This call for evidence closes at 11:59pm on 7 March 2024

Call for evidence description

The government wants to ensure that any legislation and regulation operates appropriately for all pornographic content, and that the criminal justice system have the tools they need to respond to online illegal pornographic material, and exploitation and abuse in the industry.

The Independent Pornography Review involves a comprehensive assessment of the legislation, regulation and enforcement of online and offline pornographic content, and is overseen by Independent Lead Reviewer Baroness Gabby Bertin.

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Pornography regulation, legislation and enforcement


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Open call for evidence

Review of Civil Legal Aid – Call for Evidence


The aim of this call for evidence is to obtain more information to further inform the Review of Civil Legal Aid and feed into policy development.

The aim of this call for evidence is to obtain more information to further inform the Review of Civil Legal Aid and feed into policy development.

This call for evidence closes at 11:59pm on 21 February 2024

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Review of Civil Legal Aid – Call for Evidence


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Civil Service Leadership and Reform


The aim of this inquiry is to explore the status and constitutional position, of the Civil Service, Civil Service Leadership and Policymaking

Does the Civil Service need reforming? MPs launch new inquiry

This inquiry is currently accepting evidence

The committee wants to hear your views. We welcome submissions from anyone with answers to the questions in the call for evidence. You can submit evidence until Thursday 20 July 2023.

Read and Complete the Call For Evidence if you feel that there is no transparency nor accountability where Ministers and Senior Civil Servants play political football with no account of how policies have been arrived at and how they are implemented thus breaking the doctrine of Ministerial Accountability of Parliament. Anyone can respond to the Call For Evidence.

Open Consultation

Exchange of sexual relations for accommodation (‘sex for rent’)

Call for evidence to increase understanding of where and how exploitation is taking place and how to strengthen the response to it.

This consultation closes at
11:59pm on 30 June 2023

Policy Paper

Law Commission review of hate crime legislation

Government response to recommendation 8 of the Law Commission’s review of hate crime legislation.

The government agrees with the Law Commission’s recommendation that sex or gender should not be added to the list of protected characteristics for the purposes of aggravated offences and enhanced sentencing.

Open consultation

Pre-employment checks for health and care volunteers

Seeks views on the proposal to remove the statutory requirement for a full employment history when appointing volunteers in health and care settings.

This consultation closes at

Open Consultation

Consultation on equality objectives – April 2023

The Regulator of Social Housing is consulting on a proposed revised set of equality objectives to meet the requirement to agree and publish such objectives in regulations made pursuant to the Equality Act 2010.

This consultation will run from 25 April 2023. The closing date is 30 June 2023.


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